Skills On Display: A Visit to 1220 Exhibits

A few months ago, my talented cabinetmaker classmate left the Building Construction Technology classroom at Tennessee College of Applied Technology Nashville for a work-study program at 1220 Exhibits. Now, instead of coming to class, he gets school credit while getting paid to learn on the job. I recently visited my classmate at work in the … Continue reading Skills On Display: A Visit to 1220 Exhibits

Busy as Bees

In construction school, as in many other aspects of life, I find that it is better to be doing something—no matter how seemingly futile—than to be doing nothing. Doing something usually leads to something else, whereas doing nothing leads nowhere. When it comes to the workshop at school, if I'm not building something, I feel anxious. … Continue reading Busy as Bees

Hello, Habitat

Today's installment of "Building Shelf-Esteem with Buttercup" kicks off at the Nashville Habitat for Humanity Restore, which opened this month, combining under one 33,000-square-foot roof the homegoods and building materials of two former Nashville Restore locations. Housed in a former Kmart at the northwest corner of Harding Place and Nolensville Road, the expanded Restore has aisle upon … Continue reading Hello, Habitat