Ms. Steinem and the Cable Girl

Gloria Steinem came to town this weekend. She is awesome. Her advocacy for equality among all genders, races and socioeconomic classes is inspiring. She is 85 years old, brilliant, calm and quick-witted. When she greeted the audience at Nashville's War Memorial Auditorium, only to realize that her microphone wasn't working, she quipped without skipping a … Continue reading Ms. Steinem and the Cable Girl

The Flowery Language of Construction

The Iris Tectorum are exquisite this spring. Lilac and lush, with flat, fan-shaped leaves and intricate petals worthy of orchids, Tectorum are more petite than the great bearded specimens of the Tennessee state flower. The blooms in my yard look like they have been plucked from a minor Van Gogh. I suspect their current flamboyance comes courtesy … Continue reading The Flowery Language of Construction

Class Notes: Dispatch from High School Reunion

When I worked briefly as a stock analyst (I know, right?), I regularly dialed in to conference calls to hear reports of quarterly earnings. Honestly, I never knew what the earnest voices were talking about with all their EBITDA, BLABLABLA and WTF, but when someone occasionally would say, "It's not the top-line number so much as the … Continue reading Class Notes: Dispatch from High School Reunion

Share a Few Words

Knowing that I spend a weird amount of time measuring things, my nephew Sean gave me a second-hand book for Christmas that contains just about every measurement conversion you can think of. Not just garden-variety inches-to-feet manipulations or polyglot Imperial-to-Metric translations. I'm talking 864 pages of small-print equations to calculate granular and arcane equivalencies. How … Continue reading Share a Few Words