Who Wouldn’t Love a Gift from Lovewood?

Julia Wilk, founder of Lovewood Custom Home Furnishings, is stronger with a chainsaw than she is with Instagram. That’s probably because she’s too busy in her workshop, shaping, sanding and otherwise coaxing the natural beauty out of ragged tree trunks to spend much time on social media. Plus, her work gloves make it hard to type hashtags.

Lately though, Julia has been trying her hand at Instagram, posting photos of her handmade boxes, trays, tie racks, bottle openers, lap desks and other gorgeous woodcrafts at @Lovewood_Gifts.

You may recognize Julia from ENDADA, the annual art show and sale at Montgomery Bell Academy, where she has made a name for herself selling lamps carved into the shape of the MBA insignia.

Among her other creative custom projects is a cross-section of a tree, which she cuts with a chainsaw and then emblazons with a family’s unique history or genealogy.

I stopped by Julia’s house today for her holiday pop-up sale. While she was spending the day away from her wood shop with its table saw, jointer and other power tools, she was hard at work at her kitchen table, putting finishing touches on a collection of elegant boxes made with wood she salvaged when First Presbyterian Church replaced its original doors.

The boxes all had different dimensions and finishes, accented by traces of the original mortise-and-tenon joinery of 80-year-old church doors. No two were the same; all were fabulous.

“I just go where the wood takes me,” Julia said.

To see for yourself where the wood takes this talented artisan, stop by her pop-up sale Friday, November 30, 8 a.m. to noon, 2800 Hemingway Drive.

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