Gelato Love in The Room

File this in the column of Sweetest Things Ever:

On a wedding weekend where no detail went unimagined or unexecuted, an adorable blue-and-white wooden cart rolled onto the dance floor during a break in the music.

“It’s the gelato cart the groom’s brother made,” a bridesmaid explained, pointing toward the twee vehicle adorned with laser-cut signage with the bride and groom’s names and a white sun umbrella that just cleared the chandeliers overhanging the dance floor.

As the groom’s brother presented his gift, and the groom cranked open the umbrella, I asked their mother something about the family’s ice-cream-making expertise. She looked at me funny for a second, then, realizing my confusion, clarified that her younger son didn’t make the ice cream, he made the actual cart.

The bride had thought it would be fun to have an old-fashioned ice cream cart deliver late-night dessert. But the idea became less enticing when she saw the prices of antique Italian carts online.

That’s when her talented future brother-in-law swept into action, fabricating a perfectly adorable and brilliantly functional pushcart, which he drove to Virginia in pieces and assembled on site.

As the brother unveiled his gift to the newly minted Mr. and Mrs., the mother of the groom glowed.

“He’d do anything for them,” she said, watching one son fète her other son and new daughter-in-law.

“If they’d asked, he’d have made the ice cream, too.”

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