Sunday Supper is for the Birds

Sunday is the day my neighbors, family and friends fling garbage at my front door.

Actually, I’m making the situation sound trashier than it really is. The truth is I’ve invited them to bring me the wretched refuse of their kitchens teeming with spent coffee grounds, vegetable peelings, and leftover casseroles, because my chickens will gobble it all up in a heartbeat.

My sister-in-law just dropped off some rotten bananas, watermelon rinds, and what appears to be dog kibble. Right now, my backyard chickens are like pigs in…well, you get the idea.

I look forward to Wednesday almost as much as I look forward to Sunday. Wednesday is when I roll out the trash can and realize how much food waste we kept out of the landfill.

Meanwhile, every day I look forward to my trip to the chicken coop to gather fresh eggs the hens have laid—the most incredible, edible products of recycling.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Supper is for the Birds

  1. Nothing they like better than a bowlful of kitchen stuff! Especially fond of watermelon rinds 🙂 No chickens any longer 😦 so left overs either go in the compost pile or disposal.

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