Popclectic Spotlight: 1220 Bloom Street

Julie Brown can’t imagine her life without designing and sewing. “Thanks to my mother, I have been drawing, painting, cross-stitching and creating since I could hold a crayon,” says the founder of 1220 Bloom Street, who describes herself as administrative assistant by day, seamstress by night, and artist all day long.

Since discovering her passion for needlework in a high school sewing class, Julie has made clothing, home décor and custom crafts, teaching herself through trial and error. When her husband handed down the shirt he wore on their first date, she had the idea to transform his masculine menswear into something feminine. Before Julie knew it, she was designing her 1220 Bloom Street floral collection and selling it on Etsy. 

At Popclectic artisan market,  Saturday, Oct. 21, at USN’s Artclectic, Julie will showcase fabric jewelry, hair accessories and decorative keepsake boxes. She will donate a portion of proceeds to the Sunshine Fund at Alive Hospice of Nashville. To see more of Julie’s floral designs with clean lines and bold colors, follow her on Instagram at @1220BloomSt.


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