Let’s Get Ready to BuildMeUpBattle!

The Internet calls the traditional wooden game Kubb, a.k.a. Viking Chess or Sticky Sticks, “the best lawn game ever.” After watching my kids play BuildMeUpBattle, our handmade version of the game, I’m inclined to agree. This family-friendly backyard competition is a hoot.

Described as a combination of horseshoes and bowling, Kubb (pronounced like tube) also has a little chess thrown in. The object of the game is to knock over your opponent’s pawns (or kubbs) by throwing round batons, then knock over the king in the center of the field. If you’re a really good shot, it can take only eleven throws. If you’re like our family, it can take the better part of a sunny Saturday morning, a pot of coffee, two boxes of doughnuts and maybe even a bottle of champagne.

I am not making this sport up. It’s a big deal in places that are not Nashville. Wisconsin, for example…huge Kubb state. The U.S. National Kubb Championship takes place in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, in July…which means you’ve got till summer to perfect your strategy and skills…which means you’re gonna need a playing set.

Great news! We’ll be selling BuildMeUpBattle, our handmade version of Kubb-Viking Chess-Sticky Sticks, at POPclectic, the artisan market at USN’s Artclectic. We’ll also be playing BuildMeUpBattle and BuildMeUpBlocks on the field outside the art show. Please join us, Saturday, Oct. 21, at 2000 Edgehill Avenue!

Meanwhile, you can brush up on the rules of the game with this helpful site and video.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Ready to BuildMeUpBattle!

    1. Thank you so much for asking! I think we are in the process of making our last batch for delivery, but if we find that some of our orders cancel, I will call you. I really appreciate your asking.


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