Popclectic Spotlight: Marisa Ray

“I enjoy exploring whimsical, idealized worlds where positive themes such as friendship, love and innocence prevail,” says Marisa Ray, who will bring original paintings, fine art prints and paper goods to Popclectic artisan market on Saturday of Artclectic at University School of Nashville.

A self-taught artist inspired by her artist grandfather, Marisa says she paints to create an escape from the chaos of a world that can be ruthless. To be sure, it’s easy to put ruthless chaos out of your mind when you’re looking at a fox in a waistcoat, a bird perched on a lollipop or a hedgehog riding a tortoise, hallmarks of Marisa’s cheerfully romanticized menagerie. 

“Painting and illustrating is a never-ending adventure for me,” Marisa says. Read more about Marisa Ray’s works at MarisaRayArt.com. Read more about USN’s Popclectic artisan market on Oct. 21 at Artclectic.org.

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