Popclectic Spotlight: Anita’s Animal Alphabet

What’s in a name? If you’re Anita Schmid, your name contains an Alligator, Newt, Ibis, Tiger and Anteater.
It’s a code that’s easy to crack but not easy to copy, as Anita’s Animal Alphabet is hand-drawn and -colored—and developed over decades.
Anita began designing her zoological letters and working them into into baby presents, birthday gifts and family celebrations when her youngest child was born. Now that she’s a grandmother and retired from her job as high school counselor at University School of Nashville, Anita has revived her business and is finding new ways to amuse children and adults with her whimsical fauna font.
At Popclectic, Saturday, Oct. 21, during Artclectic weekend at USN, Anita will take commissions for charming and colorful one-of-a-kind artworks—perfect for personalizing children’s rooms. Hand-drawn Animal Alphabet names start at $50 for the first five letters, with $5 for each additional letter.
We can’t wait to see Anita back at Unicorn Seahorse Newt!

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