Popclectic Spotlight: Groh Artifact

“I love the humility of wool. I love and strive to make art that blends organic textures with clean simplicity,” says sculptor and musician Caleb Groh, who will bring his faux taxidermy to Popclectic, Oct. 21, during Artclectic weekend at University School of Nashville.

In 2014, Caleb quit his paying job to build his Artifact, a whimsical collection of animal sculptures crafted from felted wool. “It made no financial sense, but somehow it all worked out,” he says. “I’m now in the process of growing Groh Artifact, in order to create the sort of fun work environment/community I’d love to be a part of—The Groh Artifactory.”

Poplectic was honored to be one of the first places Caleb ever displayed his wool biology. After that Artclectic debut, USN followed up with an exhibit in the Tibbott Gallery, featuring Caleb’s playful busts of narwhals, flamingos, and unicorns–among other unlikely fuzzy big game.

Unlike conventional hunting trophies, which transform once-living animals into still decor, Artifact breathes beautiful life into formless fiber, creating lovable, sustainable art that makes viewers take a second look at the tradition of taxidermy.

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