Popclectic Spotlight: Betsy Hoffman’s ALPHABETSY

Betsy Hoffman radiates joy in her teaching and in her artwork. The former is on display in the first-grade classroom at USN, the latter at Vanderbilt University Children’s Hospital, USN’s Hassenfeld Library, and in houses and businesses across Nashville, on everything from canvases to pianos.

A veteran of the American Artisan Craft Fair, Artclectic, and craft fairs in the Washington, D.C., area, Betsy put her art aside in 2004 to pursue her masters in education at Peabody. Since joining USN’s faculty in 2006, she has continued to do commission work on a limited basis, but this summer she says she “truly came back to painting.”

At Popclectic artisan fair, Oct. 21, in the USN cafeteria, Betsy will present her ALPHABETSY collection, a colorful assortment of hand-painted canvases, prints, and wooden accessories. The ultimate Woman of Letters, Mrs. Hoffman will have you singing your ABC’s, while you clear wall space to hang her joyful works in your home.

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