Houzz Warming in Nashville


Someone recently asked if I had ever heard of Houzz.com, and all I could think was, “Do you mean the online rabbit hole where I chase my growing fascination for urban poultry into an infinite universe of lavish and lovely chicken coops?”

Yes, I have heard of Houzz.

An online platform for home improvement and design, Houzz is sort of a mashup of Pinterest and Angie’s List, full of ideas and the resources to get ’em done. If I could bill by the hour for the time I spend poring, marveling and drooling over backyard chicken coops, not to mention treehouses, greenhouses, writing sheds and other exquisite structures among the shelter porn at Houzz.com, heck, I could afford a Palladian-style eggstravaganza like this Cluckingham Palace.

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly how it works. Still, Houzz is my go-to—or at least tied with Pinterest—for brainstorming anything to do with house and home, avian or otherwise.


In fact, the Palo Alto-based Houzz opened a Nashville office in the UBS Tower in January. And just yesterday, The Tennessean reported that Houzz will take another floor in the building, doubling its presence here to 400 jobs.

Do you think it’s possible Houzz selected Nashville upon looking at the heat map of online activity and seeing a giant red bullseye encompassing BuildMeUpButtercup’s residence and nearby classroom at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology Nashville?

Or maybe it’s just that Nashville’s talented labor pool attracted the company, as head of Marketplace Operations Lisa Rambo said in The Tennessean.

Either way, welcome to your Nashville home, Houzz.


According to The Tennessean, Houzz will host a customer-support hiring event Sept. 12 at Nashville’s The Bridge Building. For more information or to schedule an onsite interview, visit info.houzz.com/nashville. 


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