I Know What You Did this Summer

Construction class reconvened this morning after two weeks off, and nobody had much motivation to work.

It’s possible that’s because everyone worked so hard over summer break that they were ready for the respite of the classroom.

Sitting around swapping stories and photos of DIY projects and jobs from summer recess, I realized how far we’ve come since we started school last summer. I mean, heck, I bought a Kreg jig. 

The photo collage above offers a sampling of today’s back-to-school show-and-tell. (There were also a lot of photographs of things people cooked and ate over the holiday, but we’ll save that album and classmate Chef’s R-rated sweet potato sculptures for another day.)

Josh and Chef got together to build a covered front porch deck. Justin finally finished his shower renovation. Chef made a gun cabinet. Gabby’s family built a deck, and she built more Adirondack chairs.

Speaking of Adirondack chairs, we still have a few available for sale at school, so if you’re looking for sturdy and stylish pressure-treated rockers, chairs, tables and planters, take a look here, or swing by the Tennessee College of Applied Technology on White Bridge Road and ask for Buttercup. The folks in the office know where to find me.

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