Visitors Welcome

We took a break from electrical wiring practice to greet a group of fourth-graders on a field trip to our construction classroom.

“In this class, we make wooden objects,” our instructor said, as he led the kids through the workshop crammed with power tools and lumber.

They were enchanted by an unfinished bird house that one classmate has been making out of scrap wood, but our instructor reminded them that we work on a bigger scale, too.

“This class is all about building a house,” he said.

At that point, one of the kids discovered the break room that we spent so much time framing, drywalling, and siding.

“Can we go in here?” someone asked. When the instructor said yes, the class of tiny people filed into our tiny room.

Then one of them said something that reminded me why I enrolled in construction school in the first place:

“This would be the perfect house for me.”

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