Big Ole Tree

A few weeks back, I celebrated the made-up holiday Pat Hickman Day by posting a story about the gentleman who built my house and planted the glorious saucer magnolia in our front yard some 80 years ago.

My favorite tree-hugging friend, Vicki Turner, read the story and submitted it to the Nashville Tree Foundation’s Big Ole Tree Contest.

Lo and behold! Pat Hickman’s magnolia soulangeana was a winner, so I received a plaque and a certificate commemorating my Big Ole Tree at the annual High Tree Party. 

Held at Nashville’s leafy Greenwood Cemetery, the event was really all about honoring Nashville Tree Foundation volunteer Vicki Turner for her tireless efforts to expand the tree canopy in Nashville.

I was honored to be a small part of the acknowledgment of Vicki’s huge efforts on behalf of the Nashville Tree Foundation. And the Fox boys are especially proud of the plaque on their favorite climbing tree.

2 thoughts on “Big Ole Tree

  1. Good for Vicki to enter the essay and good for Vicki to volunteer with the project but really good for you to write so beautifully and whimsically about a tree, a neighbor and life.


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