SkillsUSA: Chattanooga or Bust

Team TCATN is on the road to SkillsUSA now–literally, on 24 East headed to Chattanooga, where we’ll compete against other TCATs in carpentry, plumbing, electrical and masonry. 

At present, I’m in the van with a few Building Construction Technology teammates, listening to country music and watching YouTube videos of electrical wiring. I’ve got my tool belt, steel-toed work boots, regulation khaki work shirt (embroidered with the SkillsUSA logo), and the first pair of khakis I’ve owned since I was a Brownie.

I’ve been referring to the three-day event as Construction Olympjcs. Actually, it’s a multidisciplinary competition hosted by SkillsUSA, whose mission is to “empower students, teachers and industry to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens.” Our school is also fielding teams in HVAC, drafting, aesthetics, cosmetology and collision repair. 

Today, my four-person Building Construction Technology team will check in at the Chattanooga convention center and begin the competition by constructing a platform, upon which we’ll build, wire, plumb, and add brickwork to a more complex structure tomorrow. 

Over the next three days, there will be opening and closing ceremonies, a banquet and trip to the aquarium.

Meanwhile, the Nashville Scene just published a cover story about Chattanooga, which is a charming destination. I’m hoping there will be a free moment to grab a meal at a Daniel Lindsey establishment, and I’d really like to get to Wayne-O-Rama–artist Wayne White’s ode to his hometown–on display through September.

At the very least, I’m planning for a stroll along the Bluff View sculpture trail. If you pass me on the path, say Hi. I’ll be the girl in all khaki.

4 thoughts on “SkillsUSA: Chattanooga or Bust

  1. We had friends who lived on Chattanooga. They claimed that it was impossible for a tornado to happen there because it was surrounded by hills, but if one ever did develop it would decimate the city because the hills would block its exit. Truth or fiction?


  2. We are so proud of you all here at home, rooting for you all the way! Ask Kenton ( or as the staff here call him… “Kitten”) is it rooting or routing? Good Luck TCAT Nashville!


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