Images from a Sketchy Day

The HVAC class hosted us for another day of electrical wiring, which taxed my brain more than a subscription to Lumosity. Ever-patient Benny tutored us, painstakingly sketching the path of power from lamp to three-way light switches. A lesser soul would have written me off as a lost cause, but Benny stuck with me until the lightbulb finally went off over my head–literally. Here’s Benny’s sketch:

During lunch, I went to Publix, where I found some octopus in the fish section, the rare leftovers of an unusual special order. I bought it, then returned to class and asked if anyone had a recipe. Pablo, who grew up near the coast, said his dad grills it, but Pablo doesn’t like octopus, so he’s never paid attention to how.

Meanwhile, classmate Kim, a gentleman of few words from South Korea, took to the white board to sketch his method for steaming octopus, which he serves with soy sauce,  wasabi and sake. (I added the eyeball, suckers and notes.)

I’ll report back after dinner…

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