I’m Dreaming of a Yellow Christmas

Good news and bad news.

Good news is that a trimester of construction school has given me a real Rosie the Riveter can-do spirit, and I’m roaming the house in search of deferred maintenance.

Bad news is that I lack the hardware to match my enthusiasm. Unlike school, where we have a cordless arsenal of impacts and sawzalls, my home tool closet contains little more than a plug-in drill and a rag-tag assortment of vintage hammers inherited from grandfathers of varying degrees of handiness.

Now that I’m committed to a second trimester of Building Construction Technology, I gotta raise my tool game, particularly in the saw department.

Given my natural distrust of circular blades, whether they be on a table, a swinging arm or a Skil saw, I’ve determined that a jigsaw should be my first investment. Maybe it’s the cute name, or maybe it’s the association with puzzles of puppies and kittens, but a cordless jigsaw is infinitely more appealing than the demonic rotary instruments of dismemberment, such as the compound miter saw or the Skil saw. Or, God forbid, the table saw, which I’m convinced swims in circles around our classroom, just waiting to drag me below the surface when I’m not paying attention.

No, thank you. I’ll take a ladylike jigsaw.

But here’s the question: Which jigsaw?

At school, we use a DeWalt cordless, and I like that fine. But before I write my list to Santa, does anyone have a better recommendation?

And if so, can you please pass it on to my husband?


4 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a Yellow Christmas

  1. I felt like a grown-up the year I used my Christmas money — I was about 22 at the time — to purchase a really good dictionary, a hammer, and a couple screwdrivers. Tools make the woman!


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