Big Plans for a Tiny Office


Right before Thanksgiving dismissal, the director of the Tennessee College of Applied Technology at Nashville dropped by our classroom to deliver the good news: He approved our proposal to build and sell a tiny office!

That means we have a real-life building project on our hands that will incorporate the whole curriculum of framing, roofing, siding, finish work, and mechanicals, and will engage students from the welding and HVAC programs at school. (Even though the welders beat us in the Fall Fest volleyball tournament, we’re looking forward to collaborating.) We’re also planning to showcase innovative and sustainable technologies, such as solar panels and rain screens.

Of course, that means we’re in the market for donated building materials, so if you’d like to contribute lumber, doors, windows, insulation, and whatnot to our Tiny Office Project, you’ll receive the undying gratitude of 17 college students, invaluable endorsement on the internationally read BuildMeUpButtercupBlog*, and maybe even some sort of tax deduction. (Don’t quote me on that last part. This is a building class—not tax accounting. But that seems pretty realistic.)

Finally, we’re planning to auction our Tiny Office to the highest bidder. So, if a well-constructed, foundation-ready outbuilding of approximately 150 square feet is on your shopping list for early 2017, follow the progress at Build Me Up Buttercup Blog…The Tiny Office project is gonna be huge.

*According to WordPress stats, someone from Canada clicked on the blog once. I wonder if they wanna buy a tiny office, eh?

6 thoughts on “Big Plans for a Tiny Office

  1. I read your blog every day you post. I think I found it from MDK, can’t remember. I L.O.V.E. it and you are an inspiration!!!! I live in north central Alberta, (in Canada) directly north of Montana…(I think!)

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