Field Trippin’

Today’s field trip was more successful than our first outing. This time, we found an actual crew at work on a house. The foundation had already been laid, so today was all about sill plate, termite seal, and joists. We even helped out, carrying boards and fastening washers and nuts on anchor bolts (pictured above). Here’s what we learned:

  1. Chapter 5 of Carpentry Fundamentals Level One plays out in real life just like it does in the book.
  2.  2 X 8’s are heavier than they look in the book.
  3. Pythagorus was a badass. 3:4:5 still tells you if the foundation is square.
  4. Bugs still bite in November.
  5. Lumber is not always perfect.
  6. Circular saw is king in the field.
  7. I’ve said it before: Overalls = awesome.
  8. String is a brilliant tool.
  9. Only the boss can call the lunch break.
  10. There’s real satisfaction in helping build a house—even if all you do is fasten a washer and nut on an anchor bolt.

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