ICYMI in the Medical Journals

NASHVILLE—A research study led by three middle-aged women with no relevant scientific background has identified a COVID-adjacent syndrome with an infection rate likely more than 1000 times that of the underlying coronavirus. Patients infected with the novel 3SW syndrome present with sudden bouts of panic, manifesting in trembly lip, goosebumps or uncontrollable weeping. The study … Continue reading ICYMI in the Medical Journals

Waste Not: Bea Johnson to Visit USN March 31

I've got a lot of trashy friends. I say this because a lot of my conversations lately revolve around garbage. I've been yammering about composting for years, in blog posts like this one and this one on BuildMeUpButtercup, not to mention in my relentless portraits of leftovers on Instagram. But I'm not the only trash-talker. More … Continue reading Waste Not: Bea Johnson to Visit USN March 31